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Ascendance remembers the forgotten

Shelton, is a young man mid 20s sitting on a sidewalk surrounded by small business owners asking not for money yet for a simple bite to eat. Shelton is fresh out of jail trying to start over. His only option is to seek shelter in a laundromat restroom a hope. I observed this situation and though I had no cash to give,  I took him to a drive thru and charged what ever he wanted and I asked that his order be large. He asked me to drop him back off where I found his cause that's the safest place for him to stay out of trouble. Before he got out of my car he asked for socks. Socks! I told him to give me time and I will see what I can do. Ten minutes later I brought him a bundle of my own socks and the only pair of sneakers I own. I left him with my number incase he needed anything else. 

Ascendance is determined to help people like Shelton get back on their feet. But we the help of others. Hillsborough county has over 2 million residents not homeless. Could you imagine how many Shelton's we could help with 1 donation of $1 dollar or less, 1 time from all the residents in Hillsborough county? Help Ascendance help the lost and the forgotten. Charity should start at home where we live.

The change in the car, the couch, or tossed out the window at a drive thru is all it takes to help someone like Shelton get a well needed shower, clean cloths and a chance go back to work.

While we give thanks for all of what we have, remember this thanksgiving those who have not. And this Christmas give something to someone you do not know. 

"It takes a Village to raise a child, It takes a Nation to raise a fallen Man"

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