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Holding Hands

One year  ago a few college students, hanging out in the court yard, began discussing the shortage of funds each of them had to face in college. Ten hours a day and four or more days a week these students pushed themselves without funds to fill their stomachs and fuel their minds.

One day they decided to share the cost of eating.

From that point on it was agreed to share the cost of everything. If you didn't have gas someone offered money.

If you didn't have bus fare someone drove you. If your ride came late someone waited with you.

This expanded to a student needing new shoes due to his current shoes being covered in duck tape.

On his birthday Ascendance was created when his birthday gift from a stranger was a brand new pair of Converse in his exact size.

This trend spread through the campus like wildfire. People met because someone they didn't know gave them the help they needed without having to ask for it. Giving, not because you have to, but because you want to was our way of creating a new family atmosphere on that college campus.

We vowed to never change, to give our last to the next person.

Truth is, you never know when you will be that next person.

Our Board and Team


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Young Man with Checkerd Shirt



With a ambitious conviction towards the power of charity and volunteer work, Reverend Alexander is committed to helping the world. With his vast education in Microbiology, Communication in Health, and Doctrine in Divinity, Reverend Alexander has devoted his life to the needs and well-being of others. Endowed with the blessings of a Saint, we are honored to have Reverend Alexander as part of the ASCENDANCE team.



Advanced skills in computers and computer technology, Tavonte has dedicated his heart and soul towards the betterment of our destitute population. With high aspiration, its a blessing to absorb his outgoing and uplifting demeanor. The Heart of Ascendance is shown through his pride and work ethic.



His dream is to write about have published the truth. What touches his heart is how many people who have a story to tell with no one to listen to it. His talents will not only get the voices heard, more people will learn how little things can make a huge difference. His Spirit shines through his words as is spoken from a prophet. He is one of our many blessings.



Being both a father and small business owner Lee, and his sage wisdom inspires people who have encountered the consequences of tough choices. His huge heart combined with avid loyalty dedication and determination drives Lee to find a new path toward changing the lives of others for the better.


Our team of experts writers and on-the-ground adventurers are continually searching for the must-sees and hidden secrets in cities worldwide.

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