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Stand Tall

There are veterans in every community that went through many traumas that they have to deal with during their times in the service. Even though there are government services that are provided to these veterans in some areas. There is a vast majority that is not being accounted for in areas beyond the reach of those programs. Our program involves us reaching out to the veterans that aren't accounted for and bringing them the aid that they need.

Missing documents

Ascendance will look for and assist in attaining the documents for the veterans in order for them to acquire their benefits. The documents can be either missing/stolen identification or forgotten paperwork that wasn't filed.

Temporary housing

Ascendance will provide temporary housing to veterans which will provide peace of mind knowing that they have a place to sleep. Ascendance will aid them in finding affordable housing based on their available income. 

Necessary treatment

Some veterans need proper treatment after their time in the service or they need to be in a much more accommodating environment. Ascendance will aid them in finding and attaining the right resources needed to support their condition.

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