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Acculturation Program

The Primary Objective of Ascendance is to find the people that are in financially destitute situations who are in need of assistance. The Rock bottom program assists people with finding employment to provide self-sufficiency. This level of individual sustainability will aid these people with finding housing. These are the following programs we provide.


Fresh Start

This program provides homeless people with food clothing and temporary shelter as they work towards acquiring their homes. We also provide assistance with locating reemployment. Furthermore, this program helps people that were under a toxic substance for rehabilitation.



By rebuilding homes we can provide low-income housing to people in need. This program also has the capabilities to provide program graduates with sliding scale rental oppertunities.



This program helps women that were abused either sexually or verbally to learn how to adapt to their new life. By providing them with the tools they need to get back on their feet and these survivors will be able to earn the money they need to support their own housing for themselves.


Volunteer program

For those that want to help around in the Hillsborough community, we allow individuals to get a chance to either donate goods or participate in passing out resources to the homeless. 

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