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Ascendance brings charitable blessings to the hood through the work of man

Today was a good day in the forgotten "lower-income" side of North Tampa. In a local Save-A-Lot I was in a line of people who was looking for money to buy small quantities of food. So I decided I woul lend a hand. I bought all the groceries in the line. A lot of people thanked me for it and thr cashier was surprised. No one knew, I was really there to buy my neighbor some food anyway. We call her grandma or Big mamma from the old school. She cant go too far so she needs help at 88 years old.  With no money she and I both suffered a great deal after Irma passed. But she was getting to the stage of being hungry all the time. Out of all the thank yous i recieved hers mattered the most. The tears of joy when I brought that huge bag of food filled me with joy. I wish I had more money to help more people out here. So many are suffering and nobody know how bad this really out here.

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