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The Converse that the Reverend bought me had to be custom made for size 18. Despite this set back, some how he managed to surprise me on my birthday with new shoes that fit. He also went the extra mile and bought the text books I needed for the next semester. 5 years later I am still in college and I still wear those shoes. They are my favorite pair of shoes and they still look like new.


My Grandmother is going to be 89 this year. She can barely walk much-less get around. Reverend Alexander visits her on a regular basis. He helps her with errands and troublesome task around the house. The day I seen him rebuilding her wheel chair I knew he was a Saint amongst men. He has made a huge impact in her life ad mine.


"Hi, this is Cathy. The lady you just rescued. I made it home safe thanks to you. I appreciate your kindness so much. You were a blessing! Thank you and God bless."


Alex I got the other job. God is so good man. I thank God for you helping me in my lowest time in my life my sister,  my sister broke my heart. But you mended my heart through you and your love. I thank God for yo.

Windy Brown

"You have done so much for me. Without you I would not have a place to stay. I don't know what I would have done had it not been for you thank you so much."

Janice Colin

"Hello Rev. Alexander, this is Jalen Leathers. I wanted to thank you once again for helping me out that day we met. I appreciated the conversations we had and I took note of the wisdom you gave me."

Julian Leathers 

Thank you very much for what you did for me and my family. Helping us move out of my mother's old house was nothing more than a blessing. Making sure we did not miss anything and staying with me until we were absolutely sure there was nothing left helped us find family photos from over 100 years ago. Without you, I might have thrown away my family's legacy without knowing it.

Charlie and Linn

Rev, you are nothing less than a Saint. Brother, you found me and made sure you helped me get a job, not just any job a really good job. You help me, my family, and took so much pressure off my wife. I just cannot thank you enough


Hello Reverend, This is Debbie from Family Dollar off Busch. Thank you so much for coming to get Mr. Holden. I was so scared for him. He was lost and confused, and the police were gonna come get him and by him being a member of your church I am so glad you were able to rescue him and take him home. Lord knows where he would have ended up if you would not have been there. 


Thanks, man you definitely saved my skin. Had you not come along I would have been in serious trouble trapped in that car in all that heat. I never thought anyone would do all the things you did to make sure I was okay.


Sir thank you so much. You made my day. Helping my family to get groceries in the Walmart was the most important thing anyone could do. My wife and I were unsure how we were going to get enough food to feed our daughter. I do not know how I would ever repay you. Thank you so much


Thank You, for bringing me the furniture. We had absolutely nothing. This was truly a blessing. You and your congregation have such a huge heart.


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