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The Needs Of The Many

Mrs Gooseman moved to Tampa a couple of weeks ago. Her and her daughter slept in a car until they found a complex that would work with her not having much money at all to work with. Mrs Gooseman called Ascendance at lunch desperately seeking help while waiting for her daughter to be released from the hospital. Reverend Alexander worked constantly and tirelessly to assist Mrs Gooseman. 5 hours later with blistered on his feet he was able to her secure a stable home for her daughter for the next 6 week. As grateful as Mrs Gooseman is for this blessing Reverend Alexander wants to raise money to help put Mrs Gooseman and her daughter in a permanent home.

Charity starts at home here in Tampa Bay Florida. From 08-16-18 through 10-01-18 Reverend Alexander hopes to raise $20,000 to provide ample housing for Mrs Gooseman and much more for many others. Take the change out your couch search through your recliner and do some work for the Lord. Donate what ever you can to help those who have nothing. With your help Ascendance will spread blessings as far as we can reach. 

In addition pray for Mrs Gooseman and her daughter so that they may remain in better health safe and secure. And pray that these two ladies receive all the love and blessings the Lord's people have to offer. So they can get back on their feet. In your name we pray Lord Amen.

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