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Passing On A Thought

Earlier this year a family experienced the loss of loved ones and the need to sell the family home. It was a very tough time for everyone especially the mom of this family. She lived in this house since she was 7 and is now in her 60s She has to say goodbye to fond memories of her youth.

It is hard to move on and she needed a lot of help with getting things packed up so that they can move all the stuff out of the house. Dad decides to call Our Ascendance Thru Grace to help. He says everything must, but we must sort through the valuables. Dedicated to the needs of the family, Rev Alexander and a member of his congregation Lee came out to aid the family.

This was a huge job but the family needed this in many ways. Over the course of two months, Rev Alexander helped the family sort through everything in the house.

In doing so, missing important documents such as prepaid burial plots, death certificates, birth certificates, and historical family photos were unearthed.

Over 100 years of family history were found in some of the most unsuspecting locations throughout the house and the shed. While mom and dad have to say goodbye to the house they do not have to say goodbye to the memories. These memories can be shared with mom and dad's grandchildren.

There are no words that can describe the gratitude of this family but it was a very pleasant and enjoyable time for Rev Alexander and Lee to help bring this family closure.


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