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Picking Up The Pieces

A lot of people try to help treat the symptoms of homelessness. Unfortunately, their efforts will only go so far. This is because the resources we provide are further limited by the circumstances of the person we decide to help. For example, you see someone near the traffic asking for money and you decide to give them $10. Assume that person immediately goes to get something to eat. The average combo meal in most fast-food restaurants is almost $10. Had the same homeless person had a refrigerator he could have bought 5 or 10 TV dinners. This could have fed that same person 5 or 10 times.

Here's another example, You give a lady a $20 blanket to keep her warm. The blanket might last a few days if it is not raining. You might have to give this same lady a $20 blanket every week because the previous blankets this lady received the weeks before are no longer usable. Had she had a bed inside to keep her blanket one $20 blanket might last over a year. This means instead of you spending $80 in 1 month to keep 1 person warm, you would be spending the same $80 in one year to keep 4 people warm.

Think about this, we give a homeless person an outfit that might last for a few days. This is because they might not have anything else to change into, or their clothes get wet and they cannot wash them so they have to throw them away. If they had a place inside to store their dirty laundry they could wash their laundry when they acquire a little money. Did you know that some laundry mats cost $10 to wash about 30 days of clothes?

It cost us way more money to treat the symptoms than it does to treat the problem. This makes it hard for those that want to help to put a dent in this growing problem of homelessness. This is why for $0.75USD per person per day we could take these homeless people off the streets and place them in shelters where caseworkers will help them

regain their identity, help them acquire clean clothes and showers. Doing this will extend the reach of your contribution. By creating more shelters the homeless people housed by Our Ascendance Thru Grace will be able to better store the food clothes and blankets you offer to them. In addition, we help those able-bodied workers to find the skills they need to find new employment.

By focussing on the cause of homelessness Our Ascendance Thru Grace can provide hope to the less fortunate giving them the opportunity to regain their humanity. With as little as $23.00USD per person per month, you could permanently change someone's life. I encourage you to donate to Our Ascendance Thru Grace today and make the difference of a lifetime.


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