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The Never Ending Traveler

A never ending traveler is a homeless person that has to keep moving. They have to keep moving

becauseuse city ordinances forbid them from stopping in one place for too long or resting in public view. these homeless people are tired and stressed. While hungry and thirsty, more often than not, these nomadic style travelers are forced to take the longest walk ever down the road less traveled.

Homelessness is really hard to overcome without help from someone else. Even with a job some people struggle to find a shelter to regain their sense of peace. Their are so many causes of homelessness than are common in many people's lives. Being unemployed for an extended period of time is one of the most dominant causes for homelessness. As we all experienced during the covid pandemic three missed paychecks can lead to anyone with good job to be subject to losing their home.

We also learned from the recent pandemic that we do not have to be the cause of us losing our jobs.Your job can close down without advanced notice and now you have to find work. Seasoned in your craft you have to start over accepting lower pay or being passed over as being over qualified. With that being said, we must admit that as we age find a job becomes more and more difficult. Anyone who has looked for a job has spent months looking for a job with no success. Throughout this time we are expected to still maintain proper hygiene even if we do not have access to clean water.

I know what you are thinking, why not go to a shelter? There are way less homeless shelters than you think. Where there are shelters more homeless people exist than the available space in each of those shelters combined. This forces shelters to take people in on a first come first serve basis. What you may not know is that most shelters only take people in overnight. If a homeless person worked until after check in time at the homeless shelter or had a night job that ended after checkout time at the homeless shelter that person could not reside in a homeless shelter.

Our Ascendance Thru Grace wants to break this chain of misery, with your help, $0.75USD per person per day could take these homeless people off the streets and place them in shelters where case workers will help them regain their identity, help them acquire clean clothes and showers. Then help those able bodied workers to find the skills they need to find new employment. By helping people find their identity Our Ascendance Thru Grace can also aid those that do not have the ability to work reconnect with their retirement disability or veterans benefits so that they can find suitable sliding scale housing.

As little as $23.00USD per person per month could permanently change someone's life.

We cannot prevent homelessness from starting in some people's lives, but we can end homelessness that exists in the lives of those we try to save. When you donate to Our Ascendance Thru Grace, you are committing your donations to the solutions to homelessness instead of just treating the symptoms of homelessness.

The old saying, "Give a man a fish feed em for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for life" is the reason why the efforts of Our Ascendance Thru Grace will last the lifetime of the people we help. Because unlike a shelter we will not just give them a place to sleep over night we will provide them with temporary shelter that will last them until they are self sustainable. By getting the able bodied homeless people back to work they become reintegrated back into our economic society.

By taking someone from the pits of disaster we provide them with hope and opportunity. The opportunity to go back to a normal life. No one can do it alone. "It takes a village to raise a child but it takes a nation to raise a fallen man". Lets come together as a nation and help Our Ascendance Thru Grace regain their humanity, by facilitating the way out of the existence homelessness.


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